Scorpion Grasses (Forget-Me-Not)

The Scorpion grass which is popularly known as Forget-Me-Not is a flexible plant and it’s quite versatile. You can simply drop a seed into the soil and they can lay dormant for up to thirty years. When do they bloom? Well it’s anybody’s guess. That’s why they are called forget-me-not. They can take up to thirty years to come up.

There is really no telling, and it seems that the plant will only sprout when it deems that the soil is fertile enough for germination. This is why it’s really important if you’re going to plant forget-me-nots to be completely confident in the soil quality that you have.

Scorpion Grass (True Forget-Me-Nots)

Forget-me-not flowers are pollinated by flies and it has been known to self-pollinate. It is quite hardy so in many cases you would think that your patch has died off but you’d be surprised when it comes roaring back to life a few years or even a few seasons later.

Plant NameScorpion Grass
Other namesTrue Forget-me-not
Botanical NameMyosotis scorpioides
Family & GenusBoraginaceae, Myosotis
FlowerBlue flower with yellowish eye. Pink and white flowers are also seen.
TypeBiennial (There are also annual and perennial varieties)
ZoneGrows from zone 3 to 8
Similar FlowersMyosotis sylvatica , Myosotis alpestris (alpine forget-me-not), Anchusa (Summer Forget-me-nots)
Interesting factsScorpion grass (Myosotis scorpioides L ) is considered invasive and banned in Connecticut and is prohibited in Massachusetts.

Why is Forget-Me-Not flower so popular?

If you have some dead spots in your garden that are hard to fill with greenery, planting the scorpion grasses or forget-me-nots will make that problem go away very quickly. Maybe your sun coverage is bad in that area. Maybe it doesn’t get enough light. Whatever the case, you would not want to leave a ‘bald’ spot in any area of your garden. “Filler” plants like forget-me-not come roaring back to life during the spring as long as you establish them well in ‘problem’ areas in your garden.

The key is to make sure that your soil is rich enough and you’ll be rewarded with an annual fresh ‘flush’ of forget-me-nots.

What’s Special about forget-me-not flowers?

This plant has tiny flowers that are soft and blue, but they also come in white and pink varieties. Please note that the latter colors are not all that common. Forget-me-nots tend to bloom in the spring and grow in thick mats.

What do forget-me-not flowers look like?

Forget-Me-Not Flowers

They come in corolla blue and are typically three to four millimeters wide. They have five petals or stamens. These are filaments joined with a calyx tube. There are also hairs at the base. The fused calyx structure has a narrow lobe that is bell-shaped. The flowers have protuberances in the tube throat. They are also funnel-shaped and merged.

Are Forget Me Nots poisonous? Can you eat?

The Myosotis sylvatica variety is non-poisonous. The flowers can be eaten as a snack or you can even use them as a garnish in cupcakes, other baked desserts, or salads.

However, avoid eating the Cynoglossum amabile (also known as Chinese forget-me-nots).

Are Forget-Me-Nots poisonous to dogs? Like I mentioned above, the Myosotis sylvatica forget-me-nots are not poisonous. So there is not harm if your pet and children eat these plants.

What is the ideal habitat for forget-me-nots?

Forget-me-nots normally grow in the Northern hemisphere, but this plant can also be found in New Zealand. They tend to prefer rocky outcrops, meadows, waste grounds, neglected gardens, and empty fields.
The Scorpion grass is native to North America.

How big do Forget Me Nots get?

What is the height of a typical Forget-Me-Not?. These flowering plants are usually 20 to 45 centimeters (1 ½ feet) tall. They are usually less than 1 feet.But in some cases, they can grow up to 2 feet long.
The stems are angular, branched, and erect. It tends to grow upwards. The plant’s leaves are hairy and the main ones are stalked with wide wings and have a basal orientation.

Size of forget-me-not flowers

Scorpion grasses are considered as invasive plants. Once they grow in your garden it is very difficult to get rid of them. They are hardy and grows in wild like the wild roses.

How do you plant forget-me-nots?

Plant the seeds on moist peat-free seed compost. This is imperative because when it comes to proper propagation and maximum health, the forget-me-not is very picky. It is temperamental when it comes to soil quality so you need to pick the areas that you are going to try to grow this plant in very carefully.

What works best is seed compost that is peat-free with good drainage. You cover the seeds with more compost or put it under a shade. Try to do this during the mid to late spring. Germination requires darkness and it may take less than a week to up to a month at twenty degrees Celsius.

When your seedlings have sprouted, dig them out and pick the strongest ones to be transplanted in your garden. The secret is to transfer them with sufficient space in between. The rule of thumb is to keep them apart around twenty-five centimeters.

Once winter is over, you can plant the seeds directly on to your garden soil. Rake the land and sow straight lines for easy removal of weeds. As much as possible you will want to layer on mulch to discourage weeds and give your forget-me-nots a fighting chance of growing. Although you have sowed in a straight line, please understand that these lines will go away once the plants emerge and start flourishing prolifically.

The good news about forget-me-nots is that even though they are very picky once they start to proliferate, you can’t get rid of them. This means that if you’ve planted at the right spot and they will keep coming back again and again. They are very abundant so you will need to cut them regularly.

How long does it take for Forget-Me-Nots to bloom?

It takes approximately one year for the plant to germinate and grow. Usually the Scorpion grass or forget-me-nots flowers approximately two to three months during the month of April to June.
The perennial variety Myosotis sylvatica blooms every year during these three months.

Can Forget Me Nots be grown in pots?

Grow forget-me-nots in pot

You can grow the foregt-me-nots in pots. They grow under the shades well but require sunlight and good air circulation.
However, keep in mind that they are invasive like the mint plants. So you might want to use a pot large enough to accommodate their growth.
As for the soil, you can use the regular potting mixture with good drainage. The scorpion grasses require moisture but do not keep it too soggy.