Indoor Plants

All about the houseplants that grow indoors. And tips on how to take care of these indoor plants to keep them lively and beautiful.

Plants with Waxy Leaves

Plants with Waxy Leaves

Mother Nature has gifted us with a variety of plants adorned with waxy leaves. This wax can retain water and protect the leaves from frigid temperatures. Want to meet these … Read more

Eggshells For Plants

Are eggshells good for plants? A sustainable lifestyle is all about creating a chain where there is very little waste. This means using everything sensibly and responsibly. Even small things … Read more

Grow Mint Indoors

Grow Mint Indoors

After growing spinach at home, growing mint indoors has been a fun experiment for me. Mint or the genus Mentha is a perennial aromatic and culinary herb herb. It is … Read more

Growing spinach indoors

Growing Spinach Indoors

Spinach is one of the easiest and best plans to grow indoors. Growing spinach doesn’t need that much sunlight or room. Spinach is also a super versatile vegetable in the … Read more

Fast Growing Plants

Fast-Growing Houseplants

If you are looking to fill your surroundings with greenery, but patience is not your biggest strength, we have the perfect solution for you; fast-growing plants. We have prepared a … Read more