Fast-Growing Houseplants

If you are looking to fill your surroundings with greenery, but patience is not your biggest strength, we have the perfect solution for you; fast-growing plants. We have prepared a list of ideal indoor plants for your home or office space, and the best thing about them is that you won’t have to wait to see them grow to size. So, grab a pen and paper, and start making a shopping list to get some new green friends!

1. Spider Plants

Native to South Africa, Spider Plants are considered one of the most adaptable indoor plants. Not only they are extremely easy to take care of but also they grow fast in a wide range of conditions. Moreover, Spider Plants help with cleansing the air from carbon dioxide and xylene. So if you are considering a plant that will also be beneficial for your health, you don’t have to look further.

Spider Plants can also survive a lot of neglect, hence why are often regarded as a perfect gift for newbie gardeners who are just learning their way about greenery. During spring time, with the rise of the daylight, Spider Plants may begin producing flowers.

The scientific name of this house plant is Chlorophytum comosum. It is also known as airplane plant or ribbon plant.

Do spider plants keep spiders away?

No. This fast growing indoor plant is called spider plant because it resembles a spider. But it doesn’t repel spiders and has no effect on spiders.

2. Velvet Plant

If you are looking for an unusual and exquisite indoor plant that will grow fast within your office or home space, then Velvet Plant is the right choice for you. Those plants amaze with their eye-catching, furry purple leaves that can measure up to six inches long.

Velvet Plants can grow even within few weeks, but they require a direct sunlight from a window and steady supply of moisture to do so. Originally from Southeast Asia, Velvet Plants make wonderful indoor decoration and look the best sat on the windowsill.  They are also quite famous for their smelling red and yellow flowers – signs of the maturity of the plant. Their smell may be bothering, so it is recommended to simply snip off the flowers.

3. Pothos

Pothos plant is another example of an indoor décor that is extremely easy to take care of and more than suitable for beginners, who are just learning the mastery of gardening. It is undemanding, yet can add a remarkable greenery to your surroundings. The heart-shaped leaves come in various shades of green, splashed with bits of yellow and white. Pothos grow fast in a wide range of environments – except when put in the direct sunlight. It is interesting that this plant can be grown both in dry soil and in vases of water. Another important aspect which is essential to know is that Pothos Plants are toxic to cats, dogs and children – they may work better in an office environment rather than a house full of kids or pets or when placed in hard to reach areas.

4. Snake Plant

Snake Plant could certainly be awarded for being one of the least demanding indoor plants we could ever have asked for. This plant can survive drought and low light levels and still look as fresh as the first day it was brought home. Snake Plant’s leaves have interesting strappy pattern and grow in architectural shape, which makes them an interesting point of indoor décor. Another aspect that makes them dream houseplants is the fact that they help with cleaning the air inside your home from various toxins, such as benzene. Snake Plants thrive when placed in indirect sunlight and rarely watered. However, it is crucial to know that Snake Plants are poisonous if ingested and they do not work well in an environment with cats and dogs, as they are more toxic to our pets.

5. Jade Plant

Even though succulents usually don’t grow fast, Jade Plant is the exception to the rule. People enjoy growing it not only because of quite easy care but also because Jade is believed to bring good luck. Those succulents can grow even to a height of 4-5 feet and enliven your surroundings with their fleshy, oval leaves. It is essential though to remember that Jade Plants need to be watered correctly; they cannot dry out completely. But also cannot be watered too often as it might cause roots to rot. Best to water them when the top of soil is dry when touched. If you are considering buying a Jade Plant, make sure you place them in direct sunlight, as they love the warmth and the sun.

6. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is a low-maintenance succulent that not only looks good indoors but also is very useful when it comes to using the gel contained in its leaves. These plants require a bright, sunny place – especially if you want them to grow fast! Aloe Vera is a desert species which means watering the plant heavily once every two weeks is more than enough – best practice would be to wait until the soil dries fully. Aloe Vera’s gel that you can see on the shelves in the shops, can be harvested at your home and used to soothe burned skin or to help with moisturising your hair. And just to add one more advantage – Aloe Vera also helps with purifying the air inside your home or office space.

7. Dieffenbachia

Diffenbachia, also known as Dumb Canes, is an interesting example of an indoor décor. Even though bad reputation surrounds this plant due to its poisonousness, its beautiful leaves that come in various shades of green, white and yellow still find a lot of admirers. If you are ready to be quite careful with Dumb Canes and remember to wash your hands after coming in contact with it, then it is a perfect fast-growing plant to join your collection. However, eating its leaves or rubbing your eyes after touching the leaves will cause and irritation and a possible swelling – so it might not be the best choice if you have small children or pets in your house. This plant thrives in indirect sunlight and can grow even up to 6 feet long, which means you need to be prepared to have enough room for Diffenbachia in your apartment or office.

8. Philodendron

Philodendrons are often perceived as ideal office plants since they are really low-maintenance but are a great decorative addition to a usually boring space. This green friend can grow rapidly and its heart-shaped leaves can reach even three feet if the plant is being taken care of. Philodendron is a creeping plant, which means it is needed to provide it with a climbing help in the pot, which will also help when you want it to grow fast. Remember to choose a spot where there is plenty of space for it to grow and it is also worth considering a place, where sun hits only in the mornings as Philodendrons don’t like spending too much time in direct sunlight – those plants definitely prefer a good balance of sun and shade.

9. Ficus

The good thing about different species of Ficus is that they all are fast-growing houseplants that can make an empty space look lively and interesting. Those tree plants maintain their shape regardless of their size, therefore can make a great small addition to your desk or proudly stand in the corner of your hallway. Most Ficus trees thrive in bright light, but not in direct sunlight and prefer a warm temperature. To observe Ficus growing fast, you will have to remember to mist it regularly as they require quite high humidity. They are a rapid growers, so you may need to consider looking into special nutrients for their soil.

10. Cordyline

Cordyline, also known as Ti Plant, is another example of a tropical plant that is known for brining luck to its owners. This plant is a perfect choice if you are planning to brighten up your space with more colourful décor – its foliage comes in bright shades of purple, pink, white or orange. Cordylines generally do best in bright, filtered light indoors – for example you can place them on a window sill on the Eastern side. When it comes to temperature, it is truly an ideal houseplant – they prefer the same steady temperature that we usually keep on our daily basis. Those plants are also very drought tolerant, so you can be sure that nothing bad happens if you forget to water them regularly.

We hope that you have enjoyed our listicle of fast-growing houseplants. We believe that the plants discussed above are a perfect choice not only for those who want their new greenery to grow rapidly, but also for those people who are looking to add to their indoor décor. Most of the fast-growing plants are also very easy to maintain and don’t require much attention, which makes them perfect companions not only for your household but also for an office space.