Emily Taylor

Are Cactus Poisonous?

Cacti are an interesting species of plants that are common to spot in deserts. They are able to survive some of the harshest conditions and can thrive with little or … Read more

Fishbone cactus

Fishbone Cactus

Fishbone cactus is an interesting species of plants that can survive in various conditions. Many people like to keep it as a house plant for various reasons. It is easy … Read more

Plants with Waxy Leaves

Plants with Waxy Leaves

Mother Nature has gifted us with a variety of plants adorned with waxy leaves. This wax can retain water and protect the leaves from frigid temperatures. Want to meet these … Read more

Image: Cactus that bloom flowers

Cactus That Blooms

Cacti plants are unique. They require very little of everything to thrive and yet they are still as beautiful as any other plant. While this type of plant may be … Read more

Eggshells For Plants

Are eggshells good for plants? A sustainable lifestyle is all about creating a chain where there is very little waste. This means using everything sensibly and responsibly. Even small things … Read more

Does Miracle-Gro Expire?

Do you know how long does miracle gro last to get the best results? If you want your plants to grow fast with good health, it is crucially important to … Read more

Dipladenia plant

Dipladenia Plant

The Dipladenia (Mandevilla) plant is a semi creeper or a climber plant. It needs some sort of promising or some kind of framework for it to crawl on, so it … Read more


Rhododendrons are plants whose flowers bloom in spring. They tend to be found primarily in colder climates. Properly taken care of, they can also grow quite well in mild to … Read more

Bee Balm Plants

The bee balm is a flowering herb that is quite beautiful and it is no surprise that it is popular with not only people but also birds and bees. It … Read more

Potting soil gone bad

Does Unused Potting Soil Go Bad?

For most reasons, the answer would be no. Until or unless the potting soil doesn’t have disease issues, insect problems, and foul smell. What makes up potting soil? Potting soil … Read more

Plants that grow in the dark

Plants That Grow in the Dark

Are there plants that grow in complete darkness that I can plant indoor? You remember photosynthesis from school, right?  Plants need photosynthesis to survive and they require carbon dioxide, water … Read more

Grow Mint Indoors

Grow Mint Indoors

After growing spinach at home, growing mint indoors has been a fun experiment for me. Mint or the genus Mentha is a perennial aromatic and culinary herb herb. It is … Read more

Growing spinach indoors

Growing Spinach Indoors

Spinach is one of the easiest and best plans to grow indoors. Growing spinach doesn’t need that much sunlight or room. Spinach is also a super versatile vegetable in the … Read more

Fast Growing Plants

Fast-Growing Houseplants

If you are looking to fill your surroundings with greenery, but patience is not your biggest strength, we have the perfect solution for you; fast-growing plants. We have prepared a … Read more